Christchurch Breweries Festival 2022

Welcome to the first ever (as far as we know!) Christchurch Brewery Festival showcasing exclusively Christchurch breweries (all 18 of them believe it or not!)

Come on down and celebrate Christchurch's sensational craft beer scene and sample over 30 locally produced brews.

Featuring beers from our friends at Volstead Brewing, Two Thumb, Three Boys, Concept, Beers by Bacon Bros, Brew Moon, Beer Baroness, The Laboratory, Derelict, Kaiser Bros, Cassels and Sons, Lighthouse, Eruption, ChinChiller, Wilderness, Gambit, Southpaw and Wigram breweries, there is something here for everyone.

Lock in the babysitter and the long sleep in Sunday as we celebrate Christchurch's vibrant craft beer scene!

Tickets available from